This Lovely Fuchsia Dress

This Lovely Fuchsia Dress

Fuchsia DressFuchsia DressFuchsia DressFuchsia DressFuchsia Dress


All day I have been day dreaming about the upcoming Memorial Day weekend! I decided to slip into this lovely fuchsia dress that I recently picked up at forever 21. What I love about this dress other than the great color is the vertical line going up the middle of it. Vertical lines draw the eye up and down and give the impression of height (I told you that I need all the height I could get). This dress also came with its own navy blue sash, tie type of belt, and I swapped it out for this swanky vintage one. The easiest way to take a bargain buy from cheap to chic is by adding fabulous accessories! Also, because of the sheerness of this dress I also added a slip; nobody likes a wardrobe malfunction and proper undergarments are as important as the outfit itself.

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