Palazzo pants why you should start wearing again

Palazzo pants why you should start wearing again

I was thinking to call this article “Why you should start wearing Palazzo pants again” but I hate the word “Palazzo pants”, so I didn’t really feel it… So I decided I wanted to show you two ways of wearing the “Fanny pack”. THAT Fanny pack that you bought because it was “trendy” but ended up never wearing, because you didn’t really know how… But first a little history class around THE Fanny pack, because I also wondered where the name came from, here’s what my research got me…

The fanny pack – or bum bag as the Brits would call it, since “fanny” is considered a vulgar word – is basically as we know it, a small pouch which can be leather or fabric, secured with a zipper, and worn by use of a strap around the waist. HOWEVER, the name derives from the fact that they are – I would like to think were – often worn with the pouch above the buttock, for which “fanny” and “bum” are the slang terms (thanks Wikipedia for this insight). I don’t get though, why you would wear the bag on your bum… Plus, I’ve never seen anyone do this, not even the people on 19th century photographs, wearing a Fanny pack. Anyway, more about how to wear that Fanny pack here…

Well truth is, if it’s up to me, there’s actually only one way to wear THIS Fanny pack really, and that’s everywhere BUT around the waist. Obviously some cool chicks can totally rock it the way it’s intended to be worn, but for me it’s not working. In the look for this post I’ve worn it how I would wear it, with a little side note to the “official” way – see below. Just as a funny reference!

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